Get to know us.

About us 

Donkey Knits offers sustainable and ethical fashion, hand knit in the lush shires of New Zealand. The pieces are designed to be soft and whimsical, fun and funky but always classy, and with upcoming collections, hope to offer a go-to piece for any occasion. And in a time where it is imperative to think about Mother Earth and our effects on her, we are doing our part in helping the environment by reducing waste with our made-to-order products and as well as using compostable packaging.


Our Yarn 

Here in New Zealand where sheep out numbers people by six to one person ratio, we definitely know what we're doing when it comes to wool. That's why Donkey Knits only uses yarn that is locally grown and spun in our clean and green home, New Zealand. Check our Why Wool page to learn more on wool as a fibre and its many benefits.